3D Animation

Transform your world

Add dynamism to your creative content

3D Animation is the process of digitally manipulating models and shapes. The quality of 3D has improved dramatically over recent years and has rapidly become one of the most popular forms of animation we are asked to create. For organisations wishing to express themselves dynamically, advancements in software now make 3D more cost effective than ever before.

Viewed on the big screen or online, animation is a hugely versatile medium and appears in many forms. Whether used within a promotional product animation, to demonstrate a process, or as architectural visualisation, 3D Animation adds depth and style to any project.

Our four strong animation team consists of some of the best in the region, each capable of delivering visually stunning graphics, either in isolation or integrated within your wider project. Recent projects include consumer products, industrial design, walk-throughs, logo stings and Infographics. As with any style of animation, 3D can be integrated into wider projects, or used in isolation. Whilst production can benefit from the integration of existing 3D assets, our team is capable of designing models from scratch; offering huge possibilities for any business seeking to redefine their brand or product offering.