Animated Infographics

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Bring information to life

Communicating heavy data, processes and statistics, can often be challenging, either due to the sheer volume or nature of the content. Traditionally, PowerPoint slideshows or the paper ‘deck’ would be used to deliver complex presentations; often leaving audiences exhausted by information overload!

With an ability to transform text, compact data and succinctly demonstrate complex processes, Animated Infographics have fast become one of the most popular forms of animation; their flexible style enabling the successful and visually captivating delivery of otherwise static or traditional paper based information. These days Animated Infographics are used to communicate a wide range of stories; both educational and promotional content.

As with all animated projects, the first step is to understand both the content to be delivered and the audience profile. Once the format, structure and treatment are agreed, our team develop and create your Animated presesntaion, before assisting with deployment.