Brexit – Manufacturers Move onto the Front Foot

If your business manufactures and exports to Europe, you are probably wondering what the impact of the decision to leave the EU and Brexit will be. You may be feeling the effects of your customers hesitating, or you may be holding back or slowing your own expansion plans as you see what happens next.

Everyone in the business community expected a close run vote, but with the decision to leave made, and the short term chaos now calming, it is interesting to see now that while there are obviously negotiations to be had with our old European partners, real opportunities exist for those ready to respond positively.

As the leading production company in the region we have always reached out for our partners locally, nationally and internationally; to EU and global audiences. One politician put it very well, when he said “businesses don’t do business with countries, they work with other businesses”, and that is the approach we should take, stepping like boxers from the back to the front foot.


Most emerging markets, the giants of the US, China, India and the Middle East and of course our own domestic markets, all offer huge opportunities for those willing to reach out; and saying that, while our EU relationship will clearly change at an administrative level, do you feel any less inclined to deal with your European partners after the Brexit vote, almost certainly not. Let the vindictive dummy spitting stay with the politicians, while we keep dealing with our friends across Europe, whether we are in their club or not.

Can content help?

The easiest and most effective way to reach new customers across the globe in the 21st century is through professional video and animation content, delivered online through websites and social media. It is free to deliver on most social media platforms, and if created really well ensuring it is informative, entertaining and shareable will reach enormous audiences.

The way you approach reaching out might differ from other manufacturers, but here is a range of content made to support our partners at Gestamp Tallent, with an explanation of the impact it has made for this automotive giant.

Follow the links to see more of the case studies we created for the Gestamp series: