Hobbyweld – Case Study

Supporting Hobbyweld

Hobbyweld is the official home of the rent free gas cylinder. They offer a unique service for gas using hobbyists and light-weight work, meaning that the user can avoid expensive disposable cartridges and long term rent for a high-pressure gas cylinder. With a reliable and nationwide agent network, their goal is make using their refillable cylinders the easiest and most cost effective solution.

Like many of our partners, Hobbyweld’s Marketing Manager, John Rodden attended one of our free seminars. A few months later and on the hunt for an animation he got back in touch. From there, and after soaking up his knowledge on all things gas, we arranged production with our creative team.

Hobbyweld already had some fantastic marketing material, and seriously strong branding that we knew would translate well into animation. Using their existing brochures, we created several storyboards that highlighted how we could use this information in an easy to understand and highly engaging animated infographic.

Working collaboratively with John, we wanted the piece to be fun and light-hearted. We knew the core colours should be bold and in line with the Hobbyweld website. Given the multiple uses the audience in this case might have for gas cylinders, it was important that we kept the message wide enough to appeal to everyone.

Finally, Hobbyweld have an easy step-by-step process. By focusing on this process nearing the end of the animation, we were able to create a soft ‘call to action’ that would clearly explain how and where the user could get involved with the company and its products. You can view the animation in full here.

John is an enthusiastic and proactive marketer, we loved working with him to ensure his animation was behaving the same and engaging with his audience. As standard, we shared our one-hour deployment support session with John and offered tips and advice on how to get the most out of his finished film. The animation now takes centre stage on the Hobbyweld website, their YouTube channel and across their various social media pages.