NAC Group – Case Study

Supporting NAC Group

The NAC Group, based in Sunderland are a training and outsourcing company, who work with large manufacturers to provide a skilled workforce. In the region they work closely with Nissan, providing staffing and training solutions.

We were initially asked to profile NAC as part of a wider project. Experiencing the reach of video, NAC commissioned us to help them promote Nissan’s Youth Evolution Scheme. The Corporate Video would serve to provide users of the scheme with an understanding of the course prior to starting.

NAC later developed the concept of ‘Smart Clubs’, a scheme which would help the regions’ youth develop valuable career skills and qualifications. Working alongside NAC, we helped them bring their logo character ‘Si’, to life, through Animation. Presented at the launch of Smart Clubs, our Si motion graphic was displayed alongside their Managing Director, communicating together on-stage.

We went on to develop additional content, providing NAC with a Smart Club Corporate Video helping generate interest in Smart Clubs and enabling stakeholders the opportunity to understand the idea behind the scheme.

NAC continue to prosper, using Video and Animation content to engage their young audiences and generate wider exposure to the great work they do in the region. We continue to work alongside the team, assisting where required with new ideas and digital marketing support.