NBSL – Case Study

Supporting NBSL

NBSL provide support services to help start and develop businesses in Northumberland and the North East. Alongside a range of business support services, they also offer grants, designed to help your business to grow. Funding can be put towards services ranging from marketing, video production and web design to financial or human resources planning.

Initially, NBSL required a tool which would help ‘qualify’ funding applications; filtering the volume of enquiries and improving the quality of their message. To assist in condensing the complexity of their online message, we developed a promotional video, explaining their funding criteria and streamed from their website.

For the purposes of exploring further into the services they provide, we went on to create a Corporate Video, providing audiences with the ability to meet the team and find out more about NBSL.

NBSL promote their videos across a number of different platforms, creating a consistent and clear first ‘touch point’ with their target audience. Using Professional Video Hosting ensured their video streamed seamlessly across all platforms and devices. Their promotional video continue to receive over 1500 views per month and generates a huge amount of interest in their services.

NBSL have also used video in their email marketing campaigns, increasing click-through and engagement rates.

NBSL using video in email campaign

Using Digital Video content has driven genuine results for the NBSL team. As always, it’s important to drive online content, ensuring that your business capitilises on all communication channels available.

“Video has exceeded our expectations with the results we have got” – John King, NBSL Business Support Manager