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Based in London, security specialists Sec Tech UK cater for the incredibly wealthy. Working with private and corporate clients to keep them, their loved ones, their businesses and their assets safe.

After attending one of our Demystifying Digital Video events, Bob contacted us about making a film for his business. He was particularly interested in our idea of ‘giving it away’ – sharing part of your expertise to your audience. Here the goal is to position yourself as an expert to gain customer loyalty and boost engagement online rather than to sell.

Given his audience, Bob also needed a more specific film that would speak straight to his target clients and explain his points of difference and eye for critical detail.

As a result, we created two very different films for Bob and his team. The first, The Girl on the Bike is an adapted case study telling the story of a young girl with an affluent father and a high risk of ransom. We won’t ruin the story, but Sec Tech are able to protect the girl without her even knowing! Given the story, all characters were anonymised and the tale told through animation set to match the Sec Tech branding.

The second film, Geotagging: A Security Tip is Sec Tech’s informational ‘giving it away’ piece. The purpose of the animation is to explain how to turn off the geotagging feature found on most mobile phones, which can allow a photograph to be tracked to the exact location it was taken. The security implication for Bob’s clients is huge, and yet the film also has the possibility to reach a much wider audience. An audience who could take the film and share it regardless. And share they did.

During our one-hour deployment support, we talked to Bob about ‘boosting’ his Geotagging film on Facebook. This meant that he could push his post with the film out to a wider audience, and by putting down £50 in the first instance the film received 5,619 video views, 120 likes, 16 comments and 305 shares in no more than a few days.

Both videos were deployed on Bob’s website, creating a balanced video library and adding an interactivity to the page which is going to help in bringing his average duration time up. As a result of this Bob’s SEO score and Google and Alexa Ranking have both grown, both in unique visitors, decreased bounce rate and average visit duration.


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