Sunderland College – Case Study

Supporting Sunderland College

We have supported the training and marketing initiatives of Sunderland College since 2009. To date we have produced over 20 promotional videos for the College, communicating their values and assisting with student engagement and recruitment.

Initially we were asked by Sunderland College to produce fourteen departmental videos, including course overview and student opinion. Witnessing the power of the student’s voice in singing their praises, we were then asked to create a testimonial video which used student opinion to communicate the benefits of choosing Sunderland College.

As part of a campaign to support their international student enrollment drive, the college asked us to produce an international promotional video which would put Sunderland on the map as, as destination for overseas students. Following the success of using professional video for student engagement purposes, we were asked if we could create a video which would be used to raise awareness and generate excitement surrounding a forthcoming new sports academy. The challenge being, it wasn’t yet built – so we created a film which chatted with existing students around the premise of what was to come 3D Animation demonstrating the facility.

Most recently, in a similar approach, we were asked to create hype at student enrollment event by creating buzz around another facility which was ‘coming soon.’ Again, without the ability to use live video, we used animation and building plans to create a stunning 3D campus animation. The presentation, played at the event, resulted in attracting record numbers to their stand.

As a College which places digital communication at the core of their student engagement strategy, we love helping Sunderland use video to enhance and compliment future campaigns. They understand the power of video and fully capitalise on the opportunity to reach out via YouTube, Facebook and via other video distribution platforms.