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Videos for Brand Owners

The reach of Video Marketing isn’t restricted only to global brands with deep pockets. The wealth of free digital platforms and social channels, enable businesses of all sizes to engage target audiences online. Creating and deploying effective campaigns requires consideration of many factors, including an understanding of the target audience, an appreciation of the product or service and previous sector experience. On social channels awash with competitor content, effective campaigns must ‘stick’ and leave a positive impression.

Over the last ten years, we’ve supported a range of national and global brand owners, including P&G, MTV and Bacardi. Where engagement is key, by creating content that connects on an emotive level, we seek to get beneath the skin of your consumer. From the outset, we ask ‘why’ and build a greater awareness of both your audience, your product and how best to craft your promotional message.

Executed well, Professional Video and Animation campaigns will drive genuine returns on your investment. With the ability to offer Video Hosting and additional Video Marketing support, we measure all promotional activity, ensuring results are delivering against pre-determined objectives.

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