Creative Training

The devil is in the detail

Plan and develop your campaign

Every organisation recognises that it needs quality content to connect with its audiences online and at the heat of every great project is a plan; we call this the ‘create’ element of our three-step production process. The first step involves understanding who the target audience is, how best to formulate your story and where best to deploy your video content, to have the greatest impact.

During our Creative Training sessions, we work closely with organisations, explain the process and share best practice, demonstrating how to effectively plan for case study interviews, develop promotional campaigns or better communicate internal stories.

The devil is in the detail and with over 500 projects under our belts, we’ve developed systems and techniques to ensure we get it right, the first time around. We’ll help you understand the various types of projects you’re likely to develop, followed by the best approach to generating quality content. Once you have the skills to develop a campaign, you’re then ready to learn the skills required to shoot and edit.