Drone Video

Up, up and away!

Drone Video Newcastle

The use of Drone camera in video production has become increasingly popular. Six rotor ‘Hexacopters’ (as they are sometimes referred to) are capable of capturing content that is simply stunning, adding a whole new dimension to your video production.

Footage can either standalone or be integrated into wider projects, combining to create that ‘wow factor’, transforming presentations and providing audiences with breathtaking views from the air. Whether seeking to gain an aerial perspective or within internal space, our skilled crew are able to operate the drone at various heights, providing a range of alternative angles and views of your site, product or service.

Our team comprising of both a camera operator and pilot, operate industry leading Panasonic 4k camera technology. To adhere with strict civil regulations, it is essential that professional aerial video crews are CAA approved and each ‘flight’ must be checked with authorities prior to take off.