Game On 2.0 – 3D Animation

Online Ad for Game On exhibition

We love supporting Centre For Life’s projects and Game On 2.0 presented us with an opportunity to have a little fun with 3D Animation. Based in Newcastle, the Centre for Life put on some amazing exhibitions and events; Game On 2.0 is a celebration of computer games over the last 30 years. They asked us to capture the Game on 2.0 event as well as actually create a series of short Online Ads that would be used to drum up interest and drive traffic to their website.

Our series of four 30′ animations demonstrate gaming technology over the last three decades and bring us up to the modern day. Matt our 3D Animator jumped at the chance and had great fun bringing to life some of the old gaming favourites. The brief was simply to captivate audiences with images from the era; enough to grab interest and spike curiosity. Matt, our 3D Animator, really pushed the boat out on the final Online Ad in the series. This one featured is number 3 in the series.

The Life Centre deploy the ads across all social media channels where their target audience hang out. The short nature of these Online Ads make them perfect for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and more. The full Event Capture video helped drive huge numbers of visitors to their 2015 attraction.

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