Introducing Our #NELeaders Series

Learning from the journeys and experiences of those who have achieved great success, our #NELeaders video series explores the minds of some of the region’s leading experts and performers. We aim to distil what makes them tick, uncover sector insights and how their thinking has helped shape their career and vision.

We began our North East Leaders interviews with Science, Technology and Visitor Attraction guru Linda Conlon MBE, as we delved into Linda’s early career development and what advice she would offer to the next generation of North East leaders, all over a nice cup of tea.

We have also spoken to Charlie Hoult, Entrepreneur, owner of Hoults Yard and Chair of Dynamo North East, who offered us some great advice as well as, an insight into his family heritage at Hoults Yard and his hopes for future of the North East.

In our final interview for this series we spoke to Mark Tewdwr-Jones, Director of Newcastle City Futures and Professor of Town and Planning at Newcastle University, who offered some expert advice on the importance of regeneration within the North East.