On duty:
As a Camera Operator along side Neil, I’m always trying to capture beautiful, high quality footage that enhances the message rather than obscuring it. Always looking for a new and interesting way to tell a client’s story and applying new approaches to old-fashioned formats and styles in order to excite the audience from the very first frame.

What make me tick?
Working on projects that allow the scope and time to treat each shot with attention in order to create something that is far from ‘average’ no matter what the sector or genre.

Off duty:
As a freelance Camera Operator I work on commercials and music promos, in my spare time writing and directing short films and sketches. Outside of media production I cycle and enjoy running. I don’t really enjoy it though. It hurts.

What you might not know:
In 2010 I won the Newcastle Rolla Paluza, in 2011 I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and I can eat a family size trifle in under a minute any day.