Introducing Our First North East Maverick

‘NE Mavericks’ profiles those audacious enough to blaze their own trails and risk it all.

It’s time to celebrate the fearless few, those who overcome traditional obstacles and challenge the status quo, in a relentless pursuit of success, personal achievement and reward.

Traditionally defined as nonconformist, unorthodox and individualist, Mavericks would defy convention, preferring a path less trodden. These days, fortune favours the brave, and for those courageous enough to test boundaries, the rewards can be bountiful.

Our new video series aims to shine a light on the Mavericks in our region, exploring what makes them tick, whilst seeking to impart their wisdom and vision.

Our first NE Maverick comes in the form of Nic Vieri, co-founder of Backyard Bike Shop, one of Ouseburn Valley’s most recent inhabitants, steadily building a reputation. Here we discover why Nic chose to set up his stall in the Valley, why now is a great time to be in business in the North East, and most importantly, why being on a bike is the perfect place to hold a meeting!

Do you know any individuals or businesses who fit this mould? Are you a Maverick yourself? We want to hear about all the Mavericks in our region and be inspired by them. Please share this message or nominate, and let’s celebrate the enterprising and the fearless, those who dare to make a difference.