North East Landmarks Filmed Using A Hexacopter

Three Motion recently used a hexacopter to film iconic locations across the North East, capturing footage from a unique aerial perspective.

Watch the video below, with aerial shots from sites across the North East, including The Angel Of The North, St James’ Park, the Newcastle Gateshead Quayside and Newcastle City Library:

The hexacopter is the latest innovation in aerial video and photography. The hexacopter allows a video camera to be attached to the bottom of it and can be controlled remotely from the ground.

The hexacopter can fly up to a height of 400 feet and can film indoors and outdoors. Using GPS, the hexacopter can land itself if the pilot, who controls it using remote control, loses control of the vehicle.

We are really excited to be able to offer this exciting tool to clients as part of their promotional, corporate or training videos. The hexacopter offers a unique and exciting angle, and is a great tool to build engagement with an audience.

We have already used the hexacopter in a corporate film with Gestamp Tallent, giving a bird’s eye view of their large complex, something that could not be fully appreciated from the ground. Click here to watch the video