Nuby 360 Cups Launch – 3D Animation

3D Animation for Nuby

Nuby are always looking to present new and fun ways of launching products and positioning their brand. Their new 360 cup range is no different; innovating with new technology and driving interest on social media, generating interest and engagement. To capitalise on their significant Facebook following, we suggested launching their product via a Facebook party. This would involve creating a number of video assets before the event, ready to share during the online party.

We set about developing a 3D product overview animation, which would also double as an online ad. To support this during the party we also created a series of testimonial videos, party footage and product videos. A total of 14 clips were deployed during the Facebook event, serving to entertain and inform.

The impact was significant, with over 2000 views during the short online party. Nuby received a spike in visitors to their website also, creating the potential for incremental sales. The assets will live on, long after the event. Customer testimonials are great evergreen content and the baby’s parents will be sharing the content for sure!