Plus Watch – Promotional Video

Promotional Video for Plus Watch

‘Plus Watch’ is a new smart device and mobile phone. Developed in the UK, the phone hopes to revolutionise the way that people view time and communication…

We were asked to produce a promotional video for the Plus Watch, who based in Newcastle after they had tried to make their own home-made video. The original video they made, being used in a crowdfunding campaign, wasn’t gaining any interest from online audiences and was actually damaging the image and brand.

We first needed to understand who the audience was, and which product functions would best whet their appetites. Having identified the target consumer demographic, we then created a storyboard of scenarios and gathered a cast.

We developed an animated sting designed to communicate the Plus watches’ main functions; swiftly translating the main differences between this product and it’s competitors. Actors (and friends on this occasion) were used in the various scenes, demonstrating how the watch handles various applications.

As the watch display was too small to capture live, an animation was used to recreate what the screen display would look like. The ‘floating display’ was then embedded into the action, immersing the audience in the watch technology.

The video was used as part of a crowd funding campaign and was also shared on social networks, such as YouTube and Facebook. The video paid for itself in sales revenue in under three hours, and was more successful than their previous home-made video in the first day, with the previous campaign running for four months.

‘Everyone loves the video. Thanks a million, I know you put a quite an amount of extra effort into it for us – it’s much appreciated. The ideas that you put forward with the locations and interaction of the actors has worked a dream. Most people who I have spoken to think that we have been on some kind of globe-trotting location filming exercise. No one can believe it when I say that it all takes place in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. The way that you have put the video together and the use of the music and floating watch displays really helps to get the message across. We will certainly use your service again.’– Paul, Director