Professional Video Hosting

Professional Video Hosting

Using Professional Video Hosting, as opposed to YouTube and other free video streaming solutions, greatly improves not only your on-site SEO, but offers full player customisation, viewer analytics and a range of functionality designed to increase audience figures and video playback quality.

As an optional extra with your video package, Professional Video Hosting looks to keep your video content secure and safe, while making sure that your video plays anywhere and on any device. We make it easy for you, customising your player and thumbnails to suit your brand – while taking care all of the behind the scenes optimisation to ensure your video engages with the right audience.

Quality is priority, with dual encoding included for standard or high definition viewing suited to the users’ internet connection. On request, we can also source and include multi-language subtitles to your video player; allowing your content to reach increasingly global audiences.

Video Marketing with Three Motion

We believe that execution is equally as important as production; the final mile, deploying your content professionally, can make all the difference. Whether you require us to simply integrate your content within appropriate Social Media Channels, or develop a comprehensive Video Marketing Campaign, we are here to help you make the most of your content. Using a variety of online video platforms and techniques, to communicate your film effectively will always provide a greater chance of reaching new online audiences.