Animation for Athena Risk

Athena Risk needed to present to their audience globally using informative and engaging content explaining the comprehensive services they offer. Their team, made up of genuine heroes, both British and American Special Forces soldiers are used to operating in the toughest of environments. Turning the knowledge they gained in their soldiering careers has allowed them to create a business model which support organisations of all types looking to operate in markets around the world, with a clear understanding of the risks presented and how to avoid or manage them.

We suggested animation, split up to support the different parts of their offering, for delivery on the relevant pages of their website, as well as through social media, marketing and presentation activity. We worked to simplify the script while delivering all the key messages with animation visuals and graphic text supporting the professional voiceover. The content looks great and is now driving online traffic again through a range of search terms to three pages on their website:

We thoroughly enjoyed working with Athena Risk and hope very much to do so again as they ramp up their online presence and continue to grow rapidly over coming years. Jason Hicks from their board posted this on LinkedIn:

“Team Athena wish to thank Gavin Knights & team three motion for placing Athena Risk on another level with creative and professional product animation. Please browse our new website to see their awesome work.”

We look forward to supporting the team as they use the content to drive enquiries and sales going forward.