30 second video ad for Bacardi

Bacardi asked us to create a number of short ‘teaser’ video ads which would be used on screens at events and across their social media networks.

They also asked us to capture AlunaGeorge and Friendly Fires remixing a track in a London studio.

We used DSLR cameras to create a premium cinematic look, whilst slowing specific clips down to focus on specific ingredients and spirit pours. As the clips will be played out on large screens around events, strong and suggestive images are designed to whet the appetite of viewers.

30-second clips, hosted on Youtube or other online video platforms are by their nature, very share-worthy. The duration is also very accessible for audiences passing screens and perfect for distribution across Twitter and Facebook etc. We’re in the process of creating a library of perfect serve videos which will be used in a similar manner when required.

‘Love it, love it, love it! The video is amazing’ – Rebecca Indelicato, Brand Marketing

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