Promotional Video for Pulmonary Rehabilitation

When we were commissioned by the NHS to deliver a film encouraging patients who would benefit from joining their innovative Pulmonary Rehab programme, we discovered that a brilliant initiative was only being limited because it was hard to connect key messages with those who would be interested. We worked closely on different ideas and by combining the clinical expertise of the NHS team with the creative ideas here, we developed a plan.

The content we created was designed to appeal to as wide an audience as possible, by following the real stories of a number of patients who had and were continuing to greatly benefit from joining the carefully managed exercise sessions, tailored entirely to their individual needs. It was an incredibly emotional experience, because lives had quite literally been transformed, and we felt humbled to be around such dedicated professionals and to meet such a lovely group of patients happy to give up their time to share their experiences with us. We all had a few tears listening to the incredible stories and hope that our work did justice to the journeys we followed. Everyone had fun during the shoots as well and the content was brought together in an edit that we are very proud of.

After completion and sign off the film has been used extensively in live presentations, on websites and through social media. It is bringing new audiences to understand the challenges covered and most importantly it is bringing new members to the Pulmonary Rehab classes, which make a huge difference to those involved.

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