Animation for COCO Charity

After creating the concept of Schools for Life, Lucy wanted to find a way to clearly and concisely communicate the values of the initiative. With Lucy’s creative input we developed a simple structure which would help audiences understand the basic beliefs and principles of the ‘brand’.

Based in the Newcastle, COCOs branding is very clean and distinct. We needed to create a style that would match this ‘hand-drawn’ look. We also needed to communicate the message within ninety seconds, acknowledging that audiences will need to absorb the idea quickly. The animation tells a simple story, delicately illustrating the fundamental needs of African Children, putting education at the heart of the issue. With the essentials provided, the animation reveals how children are able to grow, mentally and physically, to a point where they can support themselves and future generations.

We helped lucy and her team devise a Video Marketing strategy, taking advantage of existing site authority and creating a linked web page, with a professionally hosted and customised video player.

‘The animation is brilliant and communicates our message really well. Thank you for a fantastic SEO and website tips session, it was extremely helpful and you made everything easy to understand which is a big help when talking websites. Your help has been invaluable, thank you!’ – Laura Elliot, Fundraising Manager

Neil with Steve and Lucy from COCO:

Three Motion and Coco