Character Animation for Dentist Direct

To quote a line in the animation,”Dentist Direct do things differently…”, and this statement couldn’t be truer. Far from a dentist tucked away up flights of stairs, smelling clinical and striking fear into many a patient, Dentist Direct, based in Durham, don’t use drills or syringes and have taken the time to really listen to what people don’t like about the dentist so that they can turn it all on its head.

The concept is so innovative, they were having a hard time getting the point across and came to Three Motion for a solution.

Alongside their team, we developed an animation with characters that would relate to every potential patient and treatment. Setting the story from morning until night, the animation goes through a ‘typical’ day in a Dentist Direct practice – even ending with a cheeky date at the end!

The piece was created with special attention to be lighthearted while addressing the positive differences of a Dentist Direct practice.

The animation has now been launched on the Dentist Direct website and will be used in individual social media campaigns for their practices across the UK.

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