Animated Infographic for Digital Catapult

Digital Catapult who based in Sunderland, runs a variety of initiatives designed to promote research, development and innovation through business led collaboration. We were asked by the team at Sunderland Software City if we could help them translate this relatively complex aim.

Using the idea of ‘unlocking closed data’ as the premise for the story would require some creativity and imagination; so Animation would be the approach used for this project. Based on the fact that much of the script focusses on the use of data, our approach would put the data ‘orb’ at the centre of our journey. Following the orb, we hear about the various activities, schemes and initiative delivered through the Digital Catapult centres. We also take in a couple of testimonials within the animation too, affirming the success of the organisation. The animation is designed to support the existing colour schemes of the Digital Catapult website and associated branded assets.

The animation will be shared throughout the organisation, used in conferences to explain the initiatives and shared across YouTube and social media. Having filmed the Nissan Business Event as part of this initiative, we know first hand how exciting and productive these activities are in generating income in the region. We wish the team all the best with the Digital Catapult.

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