Promotional Video for FrogzLegz

Do you know that 1 in 3 English school children are leaving primary school unable to swim 25m? Swim coach from Newcastle, Sports Director and creator of FrogzLegz, Gary Bradley does and he is on a mission to change it. After developing an innovative new swimming aid for learning breaststroke, Gary came along to one our Demystifying Digital Video events to learn more about utilising video marketing as part of his launch.

At the early stages of bringing his vision and product to life, we were able to help Gary to plan out the next steps. A crowdfunding campaign film idea soon followed, and we began planning an event to capture Gary’s FrogzLegz in action.

Taking the time to listen to Gary and soak up his knowledge on swimming and breaststroke, it became clear that it wasn’t the product itself that was so important. It was the reactions and long-term implications for the learners, who were now able to swim and feel confident in the water.

Targeted at children, parents, adults, professional swimmers and swim schools, we needed to help Gary to keep his message to each audience relevant and on point. This was done by carefully pre-selecting a varied mix of learners to join us on the filming day and receive a lesson with Gary and his FrogzLegz.

While breaststroke is one of the best techniques for learning and practising to swim, it can also be very challenging. Showing the correct strokes underwater, even with the best GoPro footage, wasn’t going to be ideal. So we turned to our talented 3D animation team to translate the footage into a clear and visual guide, embedding the animation into the final film.

Three Motion filming FrogzLegz

When the product is ready, Gary will be using the video to drive traffic to his crowdfunding campaign. He will also be using it as a tool to reach out to swim schools and instructors to explain how the device works. Going forward we are in with talks with Gary to create a full video library of learning videos, to support users of the FrogzLegz swimming aid.

You can keep up to date with the progress of FrogzLegz on their website here.

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