Fund raising Animated Infographic for GNAA

We’ve worked alongside the team at the Great North Air Ambulance in Durham for some time. As a charity, they wanted to capitalise on the cost effectiveness of Animated Infographics, as a communication tool. Being able to quickly and efficiently suggest fund-raising ideas, would help the GNAA spread the word and attract new donors.

We started with their most iconic symbol; the helicopter. This would be the basis for the text build within the infographic. To keep costs down, voice over was delivered by their team, whilst adding warmth and familiarity of accent. Working alongside the GNAA team, we created a short and snappy presentation which take the audience on a journey through simple ways they help.

The GNAA team will use the Animated Infographic across their social media channels and at fund-raising events. The content is suitable for any audience, and the ‘share-ability’ of this medium will hopefully see many people finding ways to raise money for this great

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