Corporate Video for Hitachi Rail

Hitachi Rail’s new manufacturing site in Newton Aycliffe, County Durham is where they will produce their new high speed trains when the factory is completed in 2016. The total site is a gigantic 127,480m2 and the factory footprint will be 43,000m2.

Hitachi asked Three Motion to help them capture the construction of the site so that they could showcase the dramatic build of their enormous new factory in Durham.

Normally we would use time lapse cameras to capture construction projects like this, however, given the scale of the site and the factory, we agreed that using a hexacopter to capture the construction would make far better viewing and allow the viewer to appreciate the scale of the site.

This video was the introduction film and we will be capturing footage regularly with the Hexacopter over the next 12 months to record the changes to the landscape.

Aerial footage has always engaged viewers, and the hexacopter provides a unique view that previously only a helicopter could have captured. Using the Hexacopter also allowed us to capture the scale of the project, something a time lapse camera would have struggled to do for this project given the size of the construction.

However, Hexacopter footage is just one component. While it is visually exciting it doesn’t tell a story, so we will regularly interview senior members of the team on site, building content around this footage and incorporating the Hexacopter.

We have already filmed interviews around the ‘Steel Ceremony’, launching the site to the community of Newton Aycliffe.

The story is just beginning.

The footage from the hexacopter will be used to document the story of the construction.

‘I have reviewed the updated film and it is great. We are delighted with it, thank you’