Promotional Video for J&M Navigation

Some projects inspire us because they offer the opportunity to support projects which will make a genuine difference to world. When Matt and his team first presented the incredibly clever technology that they have patented and are developing to save the lives of divers, and others working in confined and often dangerous space, where satellite navigation based tools cannot operate, we were keen to help.

The challenge creatively was the early stage that the J&M Navigation team are at in terms of product design. Our job in this instance was to visually explain their concept without any physical prototypes, presenting the environments, the risks and the solutions they offer. As we worked through the key messages it was clear that animation offered the best opportunity to effectively present, and once we understood the challenges faced, we wrote the script which forms the narration for the piece. To personalise the piece we felt that Matt would deliver the script brilliantly, personalising to the Co-Founder himself the recorded voiceover. He did a fantastic job with us in our recording studio, bringing his passion and enthusiasm into every line.

We hope you enjoy the animation and want to get involved in some way, whether that’s in supporting development through the crowdfunding campaign or in sharing the content with those who you think will be interested in getting involved. A big thank you to Dive Master Instructor Mark Dollar whose footage shot in the confined spaces of a murky quarry helped us present the frightening environments that amateur and professional divers operate in.