Promotional Video for Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls are an automotive giant with state of the art manufacturing facilities in Sunderland, supporting their major partners Nissan. We have filmed on phenomenal sites across the UK but have never seen a better, more efficient and better run facility than this one. The board tasked us with making promotional content following the process of production for the car seats they build, 300 variants of which are manufactured with a three hour turnaround.

To demonstrate the quality of the site we proposed shooting the content from both the ground and the air internally and externally, with graphic components and music supporting key messages against a range of great of staff action.

The content looks great, with Nissan sending over three cars for us to shoot outside the facility as well, although our drone crew had some challenges with the local seagull population who didn’t like our unit in their space.

The content was edited with two cuts, one for internal and one for external use. Both are being used successfully to deliver key messages to Johnson Control’s global audiences. We thoroughly enjoyed making the films with the team on site who were extremely supportive a flexible in helping us capture the very best content.