3D Animation for Lansil Global

We like a challenge and love to interpret interesting organisational stories. Lansil Global offer Professional Services to companies and individuals seeking a supply chain solution for the sourcing and manufacture of products from China. As a young business, they were seeking to develop digital content which would help them stand out from their competitors in a marketplace traditionally dominated by much larger businesses. Spotting an opportunity to attract and trade with a much younger target audience, the plan was to create content that would appeal to those likely to come into contact with content on social channels such as Instagram and Facebook…. However, we also didn’t want to alienate corporate clientele who may wish to use their services.

We knew this would need eye-catching graphics and movement, so developed a treatment aiming to grab attention from the outset. The fast paced movement and abstract design were balanced with a mature voice over and steady music. There was a significant amount of process to fit into one minute, so it was vital that the action is supported by a copy on screen.

Alan asked us to help with the design and creation of graphics for his main social channels; Linked In, YouTube and Facebook. We customised his video player to suit the website and other established online marketing collateral. Expect to see Lansil Global using this video and future shorter case study animations as part of a wider digital marketing campaign.