Promotional Video for MST Tracks

Based in Birtley, Mindland Steel Traders (MST) are one of the world leaders in the supply and service of the undercarriage and ground-engaging parts for the excavation industries. With more than 35 years’ industry experience, they have unrivalled skills in the manufacture of bespoke bucket attachments and have made their mark on some of the world’s biggest excavation projects, across numerous continents.

Rory Whitehall, Director approached us to create a promotional video that would encompass the scale of their current site and their supply of the highest quality undercarriage and ground-engaging spares. With a prominent industry trade show coming up, they needed something to showcase the business and their key messages in a visual and engaging way, that wouldn’t fail to catch attention on a large screen.

With several sales representatives across the country, MST also needed a consistent, quality message to travel with them. The video would, therefore, need to be without voiceover or interviews, so that the reps could expand and provide their own dialogue as relevant to whomever they were showing the content to.

The project was filmed over one very cold day in their Birtley site and nearby quarry, before incorporating aerial content filmed by our drone camera crew. It was important to capture a mix of environments, showing the parts, on-site repair and the office support.

Rory and the team had some fantastic branding and assets for us to build on, allowing the completed promotional video to be entirely on brand and synonymous to their website and existing marketing material. Without a voiceover or interviews to give a narrative of the piece, we identified their logo and USPs ‘Parts, Service and Repair’ as the best driver to give structure to their corporate story.

As offered with all of our film and animation projects, Rory took us up on our offer of a free digital deployment session, where we offered several video marketing suggestions. During the session we looked at ways they could use the film beyond the trade show it was intended for, concentrating on building and engaging their online audience through social media and on their website. You can see how MST have incorporated the film into their homepage here: MST Tracks


MST Tracks review
Rory Whitehall – Sales Director

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