30 Second Ad for NBSL

Rather than us introducing NBSL, based in Newcastle, and the support and funding grants they offer businesses in the North East, we thought we would let John King and Lynne Burns do it themselves through one of the other videos we produced for them.

NBSL’s funding and support scheme offer businesses in the North East the opportunity to bring in external expertise for advice and guidance, or to cover up to 40% of the cost of business improvement projects, such as marketing or video production.

NBSL asked us to produce a number of different videos for them. This particular video was designed to communicate how NBSL help businesses in the North East of England. Click to watch the promotional video

The video was kept short (around 1 minute) and engaging, with the presenters all being NBSL staff. This allowed NBSL to communicate their core message quickly, which is vital when communicating to an online audience.

The video is to be used on NBSL’s website and their various social network channels. NBSL used Three Motion’s Digital Marketing support to help boost their video’s performance on the website. Learn More About Our Digital Marketing Support

NBSL also used our video hosting to maximise the impact the video had on their website and boost search rankings. Learn More About Our Video Hosting

‘Working with Three Motion was a joy – the team understood perfectly what we wanted to achieve and worked with us closely to ensure this was achieved. The whole process was slick and they ensured we fully understood what was being done at each stage. Top end technical delivery matched with great customer service skills is a welcome combination when you commission video production work. This has exceeded our expectations with the results we have got!’ – John King, North East Business Support Manager at NBSL

Watch NBSL’s Video Case Study