Event Capture For NHS

The regional carers conference invites delegates from a range of backgrounds to explore and discuss best practice within the health sector. We were asked to create a record of the day through event capture at Civic Centre in Newcastle.

By their nature, these events don’t tend to offer much in the way of high energy for the camera, therefore we needed to use a variety of approaches to present the event in a more visually engaging manner. A combination of time-lapse photography and standard cameras were used, encapsulating the day and providing audiences with a ‘highlights’ coverage of the event.

The Event Capture footage will be used both as a record of the event and also as a promotional tool for future conferences.

‘I think you’ve both done a grand job in terms of the filming and the editing to capture the buzz of the day. We appreciate that due to some of the restrictions around the filming that we discovered on the day itself, you weren’t able to film or include some of the more visually active sections of the conference. However, you’ve managed to successfully capture the engaging vibe of the conference through the focus on the faces and interaction of the people. We will certainly recommend you to colleagues in the future.’ – Christianne Ormistan – PPI and Community Development Lead