Promotional Videos for Nuby UK

Based in Newcastle, Nuby are a baby product retailer. As a dynamic and young business, Nuby strives to promote their fun products, across all appropriate social media channels. Since 2014 we have developed over a dozen 2D and 3D product video and animations; informing and entertaining their target audiences.

Whether animation or video, we always start with the target audience in mind. Nuby is very clear about the tone of voice their communications should have. With a range of products, each with its own value proposition, we carefully develop the content treatment before commencing production. Animation storyboard and concept will be developed in collaboration with marketing teams, before a series of production and reviews.

Nuby has a significant following on social media, so much of our content is designed for deployment to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Animations and videos will also be shown at fairs, conferences and during sales meetings.

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