3D Animation for Origin Invest

Founded in 2009, Origin Invest is an engineering, consulting and construction company with the financial and technical resources to execute projects from the most basic to the highly complex.

Origin approached us with a need to concisely communicate their services, replacing traditional PowerPoint based literature. With such a complex range of services within their portfolio, demonstrating the key benefits was inherently challenging in a short amount of time.

With very little in the way of branded assets (beyond a logo and a globe ident) we would need to start from scratch; understanding the business, their clients and their complex products.

We set about developing a style for the 3D Animation. Origin, with their clean white site, wanted something quite similar and minimalist. Working closely with Origin’s technical team we gradually developed elements of the sequence, developing a blue lined theme to carry the audience through the process.

Julius and the team at Origin will use the 3D Animation within meetings, trade shows and online across their website and via social media. The sequence will replace their existing PowerPoint slides and form the basis of communication tools going forward.