Promotional Animation for Pass N Go

Pass N Go, based in Durham, are a Driving School offering Driving Lessons & Intensive Driving Courses across the North East. They also provide Instructor Training for anyone looking to become an instructor themselves.

Our brief from the team was to create an animation to engage with their audience and explain the process and benefits of learning to drive with Pass N Go.

We agreed to create a style that was fun, fresh and easy to understand. Most importantly, every element had to engage with Pass N Go’s audience. That meant always working with their audience in mind, when developing everything from the script, to the voiceover artist, and the final character creation (see Our Process).

With some great statistics and accolades to their name, we also had to find a way to subtly get this information into the piece without losing the message and becoming too salesy. We did this by sticking with the driving theme and using the road signs (and the odd flying banner plane…!) to highlight their achievements.

The animation is now being hosted on the Pass N Go website homepage and it is doing phenomenally well, receiving over 30,000 views on average each month. Following their deployment support session with one of our resident digital experts, the team also launched the animation across their social media channels and gained an additional 4,300 views on their Facebook page within the first five months. They plan to follow up the project with another animation, this time focusing on the driving instructors as their main target audience.

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