3D Animation for Royal Haskoning

Based in the Newcastle, Royal HaskoningDHV is an independent, international engineering and project management consultancy.The company ranks in the top 50 of independently owned, non-listed engineering companies worldwide and 13th in Europe.

RH called us when they required a virtual shipyard engineering project bringing to life; the complex 3D visualisation becoming the main focus of a huge construction project bid. Armed with only maps and a handful of images, the RH team described the process that the 3D animation should take and it was then down to the clever animators here to bring that vision to life.

We had to incorporate Google mapping systems and architectural diagrams, ensuring that the process would be both accurate and true to form. Animating a shipyard that wasn’t yet built would require imagination, a good understanding of the mechanics of engineering and a degree of storytelling.

We populated the 3D scene with buildings, lorries, boats and other action around the shipyard. For added effect, the scene reflected accurate lighting and shadows provided by GPS data.The completed scene was then supported by (project sensitive so not included) graphic text which supported the presentation.

The 3D animation was turned around in three weeks, was presented overseas and received very positive feedback. It’s not the first time we’ve been asked to bring a virtual building to life, (see Union Square) this is just one of the benefits of using animation. Every journey into 3D presents individual challenges but we’re yet to find one we can’t solve!