Promotional Video for Sage

Based in Newcastle, and as the only FTSE 100 software company in the UK, Sage are one of the Northeast’s most dynamic digital businesses. Like all large corporations, Sage must attract the brightest talent and as part of a global recruitment program. They decided that a promotional video would help profile their Newcastle office and it’s facilities.

We always start with audience, so developing a brief which would appeal to likely employees would involve working closely with the recruitment team at Sage; understanding their values and beliefs. The best people to narrate this recruitment video would be their own staff, so we found a number of individuals who would best convey the benefits of employment at Sage.

Sage’s Newcastle office is huge. So large that to do it justice, you need a drone camera to appreciate the sheer scale of the Gosforth office. Drone camera would also be deployed internally, capturing the magnificent atrium and internal features. Over the course of a day we interviewed five staff, discussing reasons they enjoy their roles and what makes Sage such a great place to work. Time-lapse footage was also captured around the site, making the most of all dynamic spaces. Collaborating closely with their brands team, we developed a graphics style to complement existing material.

First and foremost, the Sage recruitment video will stream from their global recruitment site. The video will be joined by content from other sites around the world and enable would-be employees to peek inside the Newcastle office and listen to the views of current staff. Content can also be edited further, suitable for social media, communicating the individual stories of the featured employees.

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