Promotional Video for Special iApps

For their Newcastle HQ, founders Beverley and Colin Dean developed Special iApps as an educational tool for children with special needs, including autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, hearing impairment, as well as other learning disabilities. They noticed a gap in the market and a need for uncluttered, easy to use apps while raising their youngest son, William, who has Down syndrome.

With the help of volunteers around the world, they now have 11 apps that are teaching children of all ages, with a variety of special needs and disabilities, in 8 different languages.

As their portfolio of apps developed, Beverley and the team required a promotional video to showcase the products on their website and on the Apple store. Together, we scheduled a day of filming at the Tim Lamb Centre in Newcastle and invited along different families and specialists to hear about their own experiences with the apps.

You can’t really predict what people are going to say about your brand, product or business. In our experience, the results from testimonial driven videos such as Special iApps, always exceed expectations. The result was warm, realistic and encouraging, with every individual offering their own personal review on how the app has helped them, their family or their students.

Our dedicated post-production team took the time to listen to the narrative born out of the interviews, bringing them together to tell the story of Special iApps, and the lasting impact of the life skills taught along the way.

Colin took advantage of our one hour digital deployment session, offered to all of our partners. Looking at their existing social media presence, we looked at how to best deploy their video online to ensure it reached it’s intended audience. Not counting their website, at the time of writing their video has over 5,000 views on Facebook, take a look and see what they’re on now here.

Special iApps Filming