Promotional Video for Storm Fitness

Storm Fitness is a personal training company based in Newcastle. The trainers at Storm Fitness are qualified in performance coaching and focus not only on providing excellent training and nutrition advice but on the process of change itself.

Three Motion were tasked with creating a promotional video for Storm Fitness that could be used to gain new customers. The video had to promote the ethos and vision of storm. To do this we profiled some of Storm Fitness’ clientele and reflected their range of facilities.

We also created a promotional video for Storm Abroad. Click here to watch it.

One of the most effective ways to promote what you do is through happy customers. That’s why we filmed a number of Storm’s customers and showcased the positive experiences and results they have achieved as a result of going to Storm Fitness. Hearing from real people with real stories was a great way for Storm to build up trust and desire amongst their target audience.

The promotional video was used on the homepage on Storm Fitness’ website to help boost website conversions and help their search engine optimisation. The video was also shared on their social networks to gain new customers through their various social channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Three Motion worked with Storm on their digital marketing, to help ensure they maximized the impact their new video had online. Learn more

Within the first month, the video had over 30,000 views on Facebook alone and resulted in 8 new customers signing up, which more than returned the cost of the video. An impressive return on investment within 1 month!

Storm Fitness

‘The video is excellent. Working with Three Motion has been a real pleasure!’ – Spencer Davey, Founder of Storm Fitness

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