The Mirror – Great North Run

National daily tabloid, The Mirror, positioned promotional staff across the route for the Great North Run to hand out foam fingers and encourage interaction with their new mobile app. They knew that the best way to capture the experience would be to have the day filmed, enabling them to share the success internally.

With over 50,000 competitors taking part in the race and road closures throughout the route, capturing the beginning, middle and end of the race wasn’t going to be an easy feat. After discussing the project aims with their experiential team at EdenCancan, we put together a crew of camera operators and logistically planned filming to ensure that none of the action of the day would be missed.

By taking time to understand the brief, we understood that the most important element was to capture the teams’ engagement with the crowds and to convey the sense of scale and atmosphere from the race. This is translated not only through the film capture but also in the editing, portraying the different age groups, VIPs and the wider crowd shots while keeping with the pace.

The completed film was then shared internally within The Mirror group.

‘Fantastic film. Excellent work. Cannot praise it enough.’ – Nick Fulford, Managing Director of EdenCancan