Crowd Funding Promotional Video for Tipsy Pud

Newcastle based, Tipsy Puds push the boundaries of luxury desserts! Their ‘daringly decadent’ range of alcoholic puddings are absolutely delicious… we know! Lucy asked us to help her create both a range of Online Ads for use across social media and a Promotional Video initially for use within a crowd-funding campaign. It didn’t take a long to get on board with this wonderful product and soon we were licking our fingers with anticipation!

The videos required a range of techniques being deployed in the capture of the content. For the product shots, we used slow-motion cameras to really promote the luxury nature of the product and packaging. Lucy delivered her crowdfunding presentation effectively and we supported the narrative with eye-watering, delicious images of the ingredients.

Lucy is busy promoting her business across a variety of social media channels and using her video within face to face meetings. She understands the importance of ‘driving’ her content and making it work for her. By creating multiple short clips, Lucy will be able to sporadically tease her customers with decadently delicious snippets of mouth-watering desserts!

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