Animation for Trade Interchange

Based in Stockton, Trade Interchange are specialists in Supplier Management software. Their cloud based integrated moduals are designed to address Supplier and Contractual Risk, Supplier Performance Management and eSourcing.

They approached us with a requirement to develop an animation which demonstrated how their SPM module works and benefits its users. Trade Interchange already had a suite of assets that had been consistently used within other marketing channels, so it was important that the animation stays consistent.

To support and complement their website, we developed a clean and no-fuss treatment, which would allow for simple and bold icons to represent the software, characters and promote clarity of message.

Primarily, this animation will be streamed from the Trade Interchange website, whilst also populating their YouTube channel. With so many great character stories within this animation, we would also advise taking a multi-platform approach, creating shorter chapters for alternative social media business sites.

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