Promotional Animation for Traidcraft

Our first project working with the content marketing specialists at SilverBean promised to be a interesting one. Traidcraft, based in Gateshead, source and supply a range of fair trade goods from around the world. Their #justfriday campaign seeks to challenge consumer perception and behaviour around the Black Friday retail event.
SilverBean help Traidcraft develop content around the event and commissioned us to develop the findings into an Animated Infographic.

We started by developing a colour palette and style sample that would compliment existing marketing assets and align itself with their brand. Working in collaboration with Silverbean, we developed a treatment before starting the animation; creating scenes reflecting the market research findings. Traidcraft’s message needed to be both sympathetic and subtle. Choice of music was always going to be key and the steady flow of information, critical in holding attention.

Traidcraft built anticipation via their Facebook and Twitter channels over the course of a couple of weeks, sharing previews and generating interest in the forthcoming infographic. During the Black Friday week, Traidcraft amassed well over 500,000 impressions and views of their planned campaign. Engagement and interaction was high, with consumers choosing to ‘shop with thought and buy with care’ at Christmas.