Promotional Video for Velocity

Velocity offer cycle power sprint racing at unorthodox and iconic venues. The best way for them to showcase what they do and generate high levels of interest is through online video.

Velocity tasked us with producing a short promotional video to generate awareness and encourage signups for their sprint race event through the Tyne Tunnel.

The short teaser video was designed to give a glimpse of what the event will be like in a cool and exciting manner in order to generate high levels of interest for the event.

The promotional video was used on the homepage of Velocity’s website to ensure all web visitors were made aware of the event. The video was also deployed on YouTube and other social networks, like Facebook and Twitter. The response was fantastic, with the video receiving over 3,000 views on YouTube within the first 3 weeks (view the YouTube video). This helped velocity meet their marketing objectives of creating awareness, interest and signups for the Tyne Tunnel event on 13th Sept 2013.