Online Ad for Wilsonart

Wilsonart are the innovators in kitchen surfaces in the UK, and while their products are sold by all the major DIY retailers they are not known as a brand in their own right. Our objective for them was to create a series of training shorts to help professional and DIY fitters and to promote their unique new Zenith brand.

Promotional content was shot in a studio space built to represent a kitchen, with a number of key features presented from props and messages, all shot in situ. Create Director Neil used a range of lenses to change focal lengths on DSLR film cameras to reveal messages and supporting features.

Training content was shot in a workshop environment against key message points ready for Head of Post Production Karis to bring together visual content with professional voiceover, music and graphics.

Content will shared in a range of online environments, branded to support specific retail partners and for presentations and trade shows hosted by the Wilsonart team.