Video Insights: Oct 2017

Video Insights: Oct 2017

October has been a very busy month in the world of Digital, one where Facebook introduced their new VR products and Twitter announced their new ‘Video Website Cards’ (yes we had to Google this too!).

To save you time searching through numerous websites, we’ve done the job for you and have rounded up the biggest trends this month…enjoy!


Facebook unveils 3D posts in their news feed. As part of the VR product and hardware announcements from the Oculus Connect Conference, Facebook previewed “a new type of News Feed post where users can grab, spin and interact with a 3D object to look at it from all angles” called 3D Posts.

Facebook also introduced their live adds built-in screen sharing feature. They have rolled out an option for desktop users to share their screen directly on Facebook Live.


Twitter introduces video website cards (yes we had to google what this meant too). They have rolled out the video website card, a new ad format “that combines the power of video with the ability to drive users back to a site to learn more or take action in the moment”. It is expected to create more personalized interactions between brands and users.


LinkedIn extends autoplay video ads to mobile for select advertisers. They revealed they are beginning to experiment with autoplay video ads on mobile among a select test group of marketers. LinkedIn also claims that video performs “20 times” better than other posts, which makes it the “highest performing content type” on the platform.


Instagram redesigns call-to-action bar to dynamically mirror ads. They are currently updating the call-to-action bars on ads “to better blend in while still standing out.” Marketing Land reports that the horizontal bar along the bottom of a photo or video ad will no longer remain a solid blue colour. Instead, it will dynamically change to complement the main colour contained in the ad’s photo or video and is intended to “grab the user’s attention”.

Stay tuned for next months Social Media Roundup!