Time-lapse video

Time-lapse Video Newcastle

Time-lapse video has become an extremely popular additional to many video projects. The technique of filming an object moving over a set duration has been used for many years in both still photography and video. However, the improvement in image quality and the ease in which content can be developed within post production, now offers a far more versatile and visually effective way of using time-lapse camera footage.

Used as stand alone or integrated into wider promotional or corporate videos, time-lapse footage offers a unique method of revealing how subjects move through a specified time. The approach works incredibly well in a variety of environments, from construction and manufacture, through to the movement of people and objects.

We use a variety of time-lapse video cameras, usually depending on whether the project is being captured over a matter of minutes, or over a period of months. Once captured, if required, footage can be enhanced with dialogue, graphics, animation and additional video, to support a storyline or narrative.