Training Video

When quality matters

Learning starts with Training Video

Our ability to understand and retain information delivered using video, audio, and graphic text, drives the increasing demand for professionally produced Training Video. With ability to both communicate consistently and concisely, Video and Animation can dramatically enhance a learner’s knowledge and understanding, whilst reducing the cost of up-skilling your workforce.

Whatever the subject matter, our skilled team will help you interpret your training content and where required, provide support with Project Planning, Script Writing, Casting and Video Marketing. Using a range of techniques we’ll produce your Training Video content, ensuring the most appropriate style and format for both your delivery mechanism and target audience.

Training Video content can be delivered either as DVD or Bluray for classroom based training, via existing E-Learning platforms or now via Three Motion’s Online Video Platform, providing organisations with a safe, secure and interrogable website from which learners can access content 24/7, across all platforms, whilst enhancing knowledge through community forums.